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The Key you sold me did not work

I inserted the key you gave to me. It worked for 2 or 3 days and again said ink pad is at the end of it's service life. What do I do now?

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Hello Chuck,

Thanks for you purchase, sorry for this situation, we address this situation already, I hope you are happy with the resolution.

Please reach us, if you need anything else relate with the printer.

Buenas tardes.
El año pasado compre 50 llaves y hay varias que no fueron usadas  y sin embargo aparecen usadas en impresoras que nunca he visto. Las restantes son comprobadas y cuando voy a resetear me da un error y pasan a lalista de usadas por lo que he tenido muchas pérdidas económicas y de clientes .Por favor necesito analicen esto.
Saludos, Edgar Narciso


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